Tough yoga pose

So, I was trekking the Dolomites of Italy recently and it was breathtakingly beautiful.  When I got home on the 6th, I put myself into a voluntary 2 week quarantine.  Hmmmm what to do…well, I’m on a roll, I’ll keep trekking.  Oriah and I headed out and started walking and walk we did.  Some days for hours. Exploring some of the unspoiled woodlands as well as expansive beaches.Then I’d get home and seek out my mat and practice.  It felt so good!  Sometimes I’d spend another hour or two there.  Heck, I even cleaned out several cupboards and closets as well as the fridge!  Darn, I’m practically virtuous 🙂

Add a good mystery novel and a new jigsaw puzzle and it’s nearly heaven.  I thought, no prob!  I’ve totally got this sitch down. This is an easy yoga pose.


Then week 2 rolled around.  Businesses are shutting down, now all my friends and neighbors are getting on board with isolation.  I spend more time on the phone talking them down off the ledge. Week 1 felt like a vacation, now week 2 is all “shoulds” and “to do’s” whirling around.  There’s the pantry and the cabinet under the bathroom sink, the windows certainly could use to be washed.  Don’t even get me started on recording classes UGH!  I’ve been avoiding that for years!!  I need a better camera and a mic, I need someone to operate the camera, I have to move all the furniture out of the spare bedroom yada yada yada.  I’ve got a million excuses!  This is harder than rotated triangle!

Well, after meditation I now see this as the opportunity instead of a chore to launch the video classes.  (Fascinating how a shift in perspective can be so profound!).  Stay tuned, videos are coming……..I’ll post the link soon.  Namaste