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Lighthouse Beach Yoga (?)

By Jennifra Norton | May 29, 2020

Heaven knows COVID has made itself known around the world, wreaking havoc.  What the parameters will be for beach yoga remain to be seen.  It is likely that class size will be limited and masks…

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Metta (lovingkindness, friendliness) meditation

By Jennifra Norton | May 6, 2020

Offer Metta to yourself anytime, anywhere.  All the time, everywhere.  Metta meditation can be dome anywhere, anytime. Begin by offering yourself heartfelt, sincere lovingkindness.  A wish for the heart, soul, mind and body.  Here’s one…

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Fundraiser for the Cape Cod Needy Fund

By Jennifra Norton | May 5, 2020

INCREDIBLE!  As of 6:40 PM on May 6, 2020, we raised $4847 to help our neighbors wishes come true.  To stay in their own home, to have food in the pantry, a reliable car to…

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June 20 - September 13, 2020

7:30 - 8:45 AM


Bring a beach towel, sunglasses and a smile. $10

Daily classes taught by Professional Kripalu Yoga teacher - Jennifra Norton, LMT RYT.

No pre-registration required. Beginners are welcome and encouraged. Movement is slow, postures are developed gradually and incrementally, so that every body finds its optimum expression. Focus is on riding the wave of the breath. Movement is married to the breath to create a moving meditation. The class is held on soft sand. Each class ends with time for relaxation. Kripalu Yoga on the beach will leave you with a deep sense of serenity, accomplishment and joy.

Yoga on the beach in Chatham MA

Chatham Beach Yoga

Classes are cancelled on rainy days. Please visit our Facebook page or Instagram for up to date schedule info.

We do practice in the Chatham fog!

Directions: Head through downtown Chatham, go right at the STOP sign, 1/4 mile on left.  Parking is unrestricted before 9 AM

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Summer Yoga in Chatham MA
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Chatham Summer 2018
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