FREE guided midday meditation

Cultivate peace and calm, strengthen your nervous system, decrease stress, open your heart with a regular meditation practice.  There is an abundance of research showing the real benefits of meditation for the whole of your being.  If you’ve been intimidated or reluctant for any reason, this is an opportunity to start slow with guidance.  You do not need any props, you do not need any special outfit, and it is FREE.  All you need is a desire for more internal harmony and compassion.  

For those who are new to the practice, like any new endeavor, you will likely be filled with questions:  What am I supposed to feel, think?  Am I doing it right?  Why can’t I scratch that itch? My mind is never still or quiet!  That’s PERFECTLY NORMAL.  Noticing all of that IS the practice.  And like everything, practice brings familiarity and familiarity brings comfort.

Meditation is practiced in a seated position with a tall spine.  That can be on the floor or in a chair, all that matters is that you are comfortable.

I hope you can join!  Namaste