Yoga for every body.  Kripalu traditions are all inclusive practices.  Comfort and ease, no competition, unconditional acceptance, no judgment, community, a place for you and a place for me.  A winning formula!

Let’s give it away so we can keep it and we all benefit.  Benefit number one:  taking my mind off of me, myself and I, and sharing.  Yes, sharing must include other people.  #2 – Creating a community, a joint effort, every one.  We are not alone, we are part of a great sea of humankind.  Third – recognizing our very own value,  feeling good inside, and making a connection with our Love spirit.

With this simple formula – Chatham Lighthouse Beach Yogis and Cape Abilities help each other help others.  A Win/Win.

Requests for T-shirts coming in and a need for a place to sell them.   Making sales from the trunk of my carin the beach parking lot is not going over well with town officials!

Newly opened ‘Cape Abilities – Farm to Table’ store opens due to a beautiful act of kindness and generosity from the owners of the bright green building that is on the way to Lighthouse beach.   Cape Abilities is a non profit organization serving disabled Cape Codders.


WINNING – The t-shirts advertising awesome beach yoga.  The beach yogis buying the t-shirts, looking fabulous, and bringing home sweet souvenirs.  Local business Kaleidoscope  guaranteeing a fair trade quality product.  And every dollar of profit reaches the community served by Cape Abilities.  Our community.

Our practice – the practice of moving with awareness, being watchful and mindful.  Moving out into the world to be of use.  Simple and powerful, and ease-y.  We all can do it.