Metta (lovingkindness, friendliness) meditation

By Jennifra Norton | May 6, 2020

Offer Metta to yourself anytime, anywhere.  All the time, everywhere.  Metta meditation can be done anywhere, anytime. Begin by offering yourself heartfelt, sincere lovingkindness.  A wish for the heart, soul, mind and body.  Here’s one…

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Fundraiser for the Cape Cod Needy Fund

By Jennifra Norton | May 5, 2020

INCREDIBLE!  As of 6:40 PM on May 6, 2020, we raised $4847 to help our neighbors wishes come true.  To stay in their own home, to have food in the pantry, a reliable car to…

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Are you properly hydrated?

By Jennifra Norton | April 19, 2020

Very few of us are.  The most recent study I read says that in order to be properly hydrated one needs to drink half their body weight in ounces each day.  For example, if you…

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