“Life is excellent, once you get going.”

100_0347“Life is excellent, once you get going.”

There is a reason when a car won’t start or maybe, a couple of reasons.  Perhaps, the gas tank is empty.  Maybe, the engine is seized up.  And there’s always the possibility of a dead battery, a lifeless starter, or an electrical disconnect.  Little setbacks or major headaches.  Sometimes quickly solved, sometimes a long, strange trip.

My vehicle is sturdy but requires devotion, daily maintenance, fresh flow of juice and a constant connection to powers beyond its frame.

Hm, this body, this mind and this being in general has spent mucho time in the body shop and the repair garage, seeking restoration. Is the ride worth all the tweaking, the huge investment of energy?  How do you know when it’s time for the junk yard?

Meanwhile, doing the next thing is possible.  I am no longer afraid of my mechanical ability or more accurately, my lack of ability.  But, I must open the toolbox, call my guy Rafie, and do what I am told.  Yuppers, follow directions.  Not easy for this “know-it-all, late bloomer”.  However, who needs the pain of sinking into feeling “no way out”  or getting depressed about the price of gas?  Moving – in and out – up and down – back and forth – a freedom salutation of the mind.  Sometimes approached with grace, at times with stiffness, but shifting, exploring, finding my place.  Fitting me for the situation and the moment at hand.  This flow is central to successful operation, on and off the road.

Not all roads are clearly marked. I love the word “Oops”.  “Uh Oh” is another goodie.  The human factor, I am one, after all.  No perfection in this yogini.  Okay, not even close.  A woman driver full of missteps, retracing, better efforts, forgot to change the oil, amends, looking too long in the rear view, and humor.  How can I live with passion and with compassion in my thoroughly flawed Chevy pick up?

My life lived by me is my personal stamp or my demonstration of a prayer, if you will.  Tune-ups, offering a tow, putting air in the tires keeps the machine running.  The unexpected collision is part of my road trip.  Sometimes I need to hitchhike and other hours are spent under the hood.  What can I do?  Throw it into four wheel drive, use peace fingers when waving, and don’t piss off the Po-Po.  Hope I stay teachable too, because I need to learn how to parallel park.  Ultimately  “Life is excellent, once you get going.”