Jennifra Norton is a professional Kripalu Yoga teacher, specializing in teaching yoga classes that balance challenge and safety. Slow flow is the way to go. If you feel strong and stable, stay awhile. She inspires deeper understanding of specific posture through precise alignment and engagement.

Your radiant HEALTH is the benefit of a solid foundation in the practice of yoga. Yoga is a preventative health care tool, a stress reliever.

Do you want to cultivate greater health, make yoga part of your daily routine, explore meditation and live more peacefully?

A personal yoga guide can help you learn principles, flows, techniques and modifications to suit your body and your lifestyle.

PRIVATE SESSIONS – Personal guidance in developing a practice, looking further into an inquiry, deepening a commitment or addressing specific physical needs. Approach is tailored to the individual. See rates here.

CHATHAM LIGHTHOUSE BEACH YOGA – Begin each day gently opening your body and heart with Kripalu yoga on a stunning and magnificent Atlantic Ocean beach.

CONSIDER YOGA for Bachelorette Parties, Retreats, Vacation, Couples, Weddings, Workplace, Workshops, and other special occasions. Available for speaking engagements, leading workshops, instruction in posture practice (asana), meditation, breathwork (pranayama) and relaxation techniques.